Poem nominated for the Bettering American Poetry Anthology

Here’s a bit of news that I should have shared last month. Pretty Owl Poetry nominated my poem “One Hundred Word Written Near Winter on the West Side of Cincinnati While Several Dogs, My Wife, and Most of the City Slept” (which appeared in the Spring 2015 issue) for inclusion in the 2015 Bettering American Poetry anthology from BlazeVOX books.

As a poet (and teacher), I’m really excited to see this anthology. I suspect it’s an anthology I’ll teach from at some point because as the editors say, “[their] task is to spotlight the poems that are working to radicalize and reinvigorate our American imagination.”

Sounds good to me. Note that you can still nominate three poems. They take nominations from literary magazines AND individuals. So, if you’ve run across appropriate poems, poems that actually work to make America better, you have until 11/30 to nominate.

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