Les Kay

A Review of Heart Radicals in Hermeneutic Chaos Journal


I’m a little behind on updates, so there’s more to tell you, but for today, I’ll focus on Hermeneutic Chaos Journal.  It’s one of my favorite independently run web-based literary journals, but I’m beginning to suspect that opinion may be worth some scrutiny. After all, Hermeneutic Chaos Journal has been remarkably kind to my work. Thus far this year, the journal has published one of my stories and one of my poems.

In May, that trend of kindness continued when the journal also published this excellent review of Heart Radicals, the collaborative chapbook with poems from myself, Sandra Marchetti, Allie Marini, and Janeen Pergrin Rastall. Of course, you can judge for yourself. So why not?  Approach this news critically. See how Amy Strauss Friedman responds to Heart Radicals, read the rest of the issue in which the review appears.

Personally, I’m feeling really thankful.