At Whatever Front Reviews!

Alas, I haven’t been making announcements on my website regularly of late.  Does that mean there’s been no news?  Heavens, no! There’s much to tell you. And, at a later date, I promise to tell you, dear reader, all about the surprising turns of my career that led–in part–to that absence.

But first! News!  At Whatever Front has been reviewed. Twice.

The first is a kind and generous reading of the book from Lynn Houston over at The Live Oak Review While I admit to being surprised that notions of abortion show up in response to one poem, her readings nail the tenor of the book and, at least for me, offer a gentle reminder that the book–and its interpretation–is mostly out of my hands now.

The second review, written by Sean Thomas Dougherty and published just yesterday at The The Poetry, differs quite a bit from most reviews. It’s a bit of an omnibus review, featuring 11 books of poetry and including a complete poem from each volume.

It also has, perhaps, the best title I’ve ever seen on a review:

A Poetry COMPENDIUM: A Couple of Books of Poetry I Blurbed and Many Other Books Big and Small That Found Their Way to Me That More People Should Know Because These Books That Aren’t Banned Not Yet Dear Lord They Aren’t Banned But Didn’t Win Any Big Awards Just Might Get You Through These Difficult and Dangerous Times We Live In

It’s also a staggering honor to see such a kind, thoughtful review of my book alongside poetry volumes by long-time heroes like Karen Craigo and Martín Espada.  Definitely check out this review, and if you can spare the dollars, buy at least ten of those eleven books.

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