Badass is a long, stand-alone poem that revolves around one Fourth of July night in Dallas, Texas. The sprawling poem is a semi-narrative, semi-lyric tale of working class kids wandering through the night. Now available from Lucky Bastard Press, Amazon, and elsewhere!

Cover photo by Janine Curry

“This is a poem that sometimes gives us the middle finger, often laughs at its own broken face. To be young and white and suburban in America is often to walk that line between “badass and punkass.” Weaving the memory of one Fourth of July night gone not too terribly wrong with conditional questioning, and narrative that leaps into the future, with social insights in language and syntax both colloquial and investigative, Les Kay has collaged a “motherfucker” of a book length poem which perfectly captures that space, of brash masculine recklessness and bravado, astonished by the wreckage nearly wrought, asking after the litany of collisions and losses, “Fuck, they were beautiful—/ how did we get here, there?”

–Sean Thomas Dougherty, author of All You Ask for is Longing: New and Selected Poems

“Les Kay’s Badass is potent stuff: a verge between scripture and rap: a rapture. Invective-funk with the surer pulse of the grave, and with joy’s grave purpose.”

–Joanie Mackowski, author of View from a Temporary Window and The Zoo

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