Heart Radicals



Cover Art by Chris Johnson

Heart Radicals, a collaborative chapbook of contemporary love poems written by Les Kay, Allie Marini, Sandra Marchetti, and Janeen Pergrin Rastall, is now available from the authors and ELJ Publications. Their four voices are juxtaposed and intermingle to render the particulars of those most personal of experiences–even as we all imagine such emotions and such struggles as universal. Veering from lyrical heights finely honed by (sometimes nonce) formalism to narrative scorching enough that you can almost feel the sun on your face and on the dashboard, the book mines multiple traditions to offer a 21st-century glimpse into those radical spaces where we lose ourselves only to find ourselves.

“A book about love that’s always in movement, the most human kind of love. Movement from city to city, movement of the snow around you as you reflect, movement of feelings in and out of uncertainty, all grounded by the details of conversations and relationships and the spaces where they unfold.”

–Nina Freeman, Poet and Game Designer of Cibele, a game about love, sex, and the Internet

“This wonderful chapbook of love poems by four different poets lives up to its title–Heart Radicals—honoring their disparate voices and formal approaches to the subject while achieving a moving harmony, full of grace-notes and accommodating the occasional discord—harsh or sweet—of love’s enduring song.”

–Arnold Johnston, author of What the Earth Taught Us, Sonnets: Signs and Portents, and The Witching Voice: A Novel from the Life of Robert Burns

“Moving and beautifully crafted, Heart Radicals is four poets’ intimate and personal exploration of the places where we all find love.”

–Deborah Ann Percy, author of Invisible Traffic, Cool Front: Stories from Lake Michigan, and Beyond Sex


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