Interviews and Reviews


Little Myths: Four Questions for Les Kay.” Interviewer: Daniel M. Shapiro. Little Myths. March 15, 2016.

Les Kay.” Speaking of Marvels. November 18, 2015.

Book Interview: Badass by Les Kay.” Tinderbox Editions Blog. August 3, 2015.

The SAFTAcast with Les Kay.” Interviewer: Scott C. Fynobe. The SAFTAcast. Sundress Academy for the Arts. Episode 34. July 29, 2015.


Review: Heart Radicals by Les Kay, Sandra Marchetti, Allie Marini, and Janeen Pergrin Rastall.” Reviewer: Trish Hopkinson. Yellow Chair Review Blog. Yellow Chair Review. March 17, 2016.

Badass by Les Kay.” Reviewer: April Michelle Bratten. Up the Staircase Quarterly. 32. February, 2015.

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