Some Sample Writing

some (recent) poetry

Self-Portrait as Derivatives Trader,” “Modes of Production,” and “Self-Portrait as Godzilla (Consumption).” Ghost Town. 8. 2015.

Subject to the Logic of Dreams.” Cider Press Review. 17, 4. 2015.

The Alchemist’s Wife.” Roanoke Review. Volume 40, Spring, 2015.

Frostbite.” Sweet: A Literary Confection. 7, 3. 2015.

Depression,” “Fault Lines,” and “Exit Strategy.” Yes, Poetry. May 2015.

Cupboards Full of Swallows.” Jet Fuel Review. 9. Spring 2015.

Self-Portrait as Gallery Opening.” Superstition Review. 15. Spring 2015.

Pursuit.” Up the Staircase Quarterly. 29. May 2015.

The Clinical Trials” and “The Stranger.” decomP magazinE. April 2015.

Form Letter.” RomComPom: A Journal of Romantic Comedy Poetry. March 2015.

Other People’s Exits.” Wherewithal. 1. November 2014.

They Can Remember It for Us Wholesale,” “Tending,” and “A Lonely Impulse.” The Boiler Journal. 13. Fall 2014.

In the Basement of the Penal Colony, Version 2.3, Rimbaud Remembers.” Really System. 4. Fall 2014.

Strangers on a Bus.” RomComPom: A Journal of Romantic Comedy Poetry. August 2014.

Making Time.” apt. July 2014.

Variations on Hope #15: The Market.” Stirring: A Literary Collection. 16, 6. June, 2014.


Our Secret Identity.” Hermeneutic Chaos Journal. 11. November, 2015.

some reviews

Review of John Ashbery’s Quick Question.Stirring: A Literary Collection. 15, 4. April 2013.

Hailey Leithauser’s ‘Schadenfreude’: Why We Like It.” The Cincinnati Review Blog. November 2010.

Living poetry: Shannon by Campbell McGrath.” When Falls the Coliseum. August 2009.


F*ck this! I Quit . . . Kind of: On Poetry, Contests, and Opportunity Cost.” The Sundress Blog . October 2014.

Every Book Prize You’ve Ever Entered.”  (with T.A. Noonan). The Sundress Blog.  December 2014.

other prose

An Interview with Alice Fulton.” Memorious. 15.October 2010.